How Does LLS Support Aspiring Women In Sport?

At LLS, we welcome a wide variety students no matter their gender, nationality, ethnicity or background.  No student is the same and that’s what keeps the job exciting for our staff!

A large issue in todays society is how women are portrayed in the world of sport. We have many female students every year join our course and the number only continues to grow. This is why we set up support networks and to educate all of our students on the pressing matters in the world.

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Our Female Staff

Our female staff are on hand to give advice and encourage any student. Many females on the LLS course may have a male tutor and would like to use our support network of their gender. They are open to talk about issues that may happen within sport or outside of sixth form. They are very understanding of the difficulties of this age group and gender especially in the world of sports. We have female tutors in Bolton, North Wales, Belfast and Larne. Across LLS there are numerous women working to make the course as best as it can be.

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How Do LLS Support female students?

A major event in the LLS calendar is our Women Who Lead event which is held every year on International Women’s Day. As part of this event, we gather all of our female students and staff members together to allow them to feel empowered, inspired, and proud to be a woman in sport.  The event has guest speakers such as Bianca Cook, a taekwondo gold medallist, to talk about how she rose to the top. A highlight of the Women Who Lead Event was the Taekwondo session from Bianca herself.

Another familiar name we have is LLS graduate Kimia Ghanaian who is now a verified online fitness influencer. Other influential women we have had in the past include Susan Black (director of communications for Liverpool FC) and Keisha Lynch (gymnastics coach and sports therapist). During this event, our students have the chance to endure in yoga sessions, personal training sessions and personal development.

In day-to-day college life, our tutors are well equipped to handle various issues and know what the correct advice and help they can offer. In the headquarters, we have a designated wellbeing lead and a range of other support only a phone call away. A new idea that the female staff are setting up is to create a safe space for all female staff and students to talk about anything. As there are less female than males in LLS, it also gives them chance to make friends in the world of sports.

In addition to our annual events, we support our female students throughout the whole academic year.

A female LLS Student View.

We spoke to a female graduate about their time at LLS and here is what she said.
“In high school, girls P.E wasn’t taken as seriously as the boys. This was a shame for me and my friends that looked forward to doing P.E every week. I had a sporty bunch of friends but they lost interest by the time school ended. I played for a girls rugby team and we had to share a pitch with the lads. We weren’t seen as important as they were and most of the time we were kicked off the pitch if the lads needed another training session. There were trophies for them in the club but no recognition for our team. The lads would give me and my friends abuse for playing rugby by making inappropriate remarks.”

“As I started to fall out of love with sport, I joined LLS for a new start. There weren’t many girls on my course but we all became fast friends. We were treated the same as the boys and given the same opportunities and treatment. At first it was scary to play sport with or against them but with our tutors support it became much easier and really enjoyable. I attended the Women Who Lead event and for once I felt really proud to be a Woman. I thank LLS for helping me to love sport again. Now I am an advocate for supporting women in sports and coach girls rugby.”

What can we all do to offer further support?

In and around LLS, we all have a part to play when uplifting each other. Being educated on the functioning of todays society and learning when to correct wrongful news. Additionally, to break the stigma of women being thought of as a ‘weaker’ or ‘less important’ in the world of sports. Last year when the Lionesses won the Euros, the popularity of women’s football grew. The Lionesses are known to be extremely successful in inspiring young girls to compete not only in football but sports altogether. We aim to increase the number of young women participating in sports by watching, cheering them on and also to offer opportunity for them to endure any sport they want.

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