Is Work Experience Essential When Applying For University Courses?

Within this blog we will explore if work experience is necessary when applying for University. Usually, you start applying for University in your final year of study but you can consider what you may need to try to stand out from other applicants before your final year. This can include considering what University you want to attend, what subjects you are interested in studying further and also what experience you have when applying.

In terms of experience for applying, it may not be deemed essential for you to have loads of experience when you apply, but relevant experience for a course can help your application out when you apply through UCAS.

work experience

Applying for University

To apply for University, you need to go through UCAS and register through them. It is key to remember the deadline for applying which is usually just before you finish at college or sixth form. You need to know what course you’re interested in and see what Universities offer these courses. It will be important to visit potential universities you might be interested in applying for and making sure they offer your course.

When you have completed your studies at LLS you can gain up to 168 UCAS points, these points go to the different university courses that you can study depending on the amount of UCAS points you come out with which depend on your overall grade. Below I have attached a link for the UCAS calculator, this enables you to calculate how many points you come out with.

UCAS Tariff Points – Calculate Your Entry Requirements

You will now need to complete the UCAS application form online, this involves:

  • Filling in personal details.
  • Adding in your qualifications and predicted grades.
  • Submitting your University choices/ courses to study.
  • Producing a personal statement in the application (Around 550-1000 words).
  • You then must add references that will support your application (Can be tutors, or work references).
  • Finally, you will need to pay for the application fee.

 Value of Work Experience in University Applications

Work experience can be highly valuable in your university application, it can offer students a competitive edge and practical insights into their chosen field of interest e.g. if you are wanting to be a PE teacher and you have work experience doing this at a school or college. It demonstrates their passion, adaptability, and readiness for higher education and beyond. Additionally, work experience helps students build professional networks and brings real-world perspectives to classroom discussions, enriching the learning experience. The experiences enable students to add further references to add to their CV and builds their network.

This also allows the student to have more points to discuss when in for an interview and even questions to ask within your field of interest. This shows the interviewer that you have a passion for the subject, the person interviewing you will look for these traits when deciding who they want to accept onto the course. By seeking relevant work experiences, students strengthen their applications and establish a solid foundation for academic and professional success.

At LLS, we want our students to gain exposure/ experience  in different sport based careers such as primary or secondary schools for teaching PE, sport academies for coaching, physiotherapy work , personal trainers at the gym amongst others. The tutors will have connections with people or companies to provide these experiences and will support students who need help finding relevant work experience days. Students can also sort out placements themself if they are able too. Whilst you study your sports level 3 extended diploma at LLS, there is a minimum requirement of 500 hours to complete work experience before you leave, you can go over this and do more which will further enhance your experience. The amount of hours is over the 2 years of your time studying at LLS which gives students plenty of time to sort this out and balance it alongside their studies.

Benefits of global work experience

Any global based work experience will make any student’s University application stand out. The reason for this is if you go over to work in a different country you will be exposed to completely new cultures and this will enhance your cultural awareness, sensitivity and adaptability. Another benefit of working abroad is you will most likely be exposed to a different language, so while you are working there you will improve your communication skills in the country and be able to communicate with local people in the country and speaking another language is a good skill to have and will make you stand out from others. Another advantage is working abroad will improve your work network and give you references from another country. This enables you to build an international network of contacts and professionals and add them to your CV and application. 

An event that LLS has is the Global Coaching Conference, this event is specifically for LLS students, the aim of this conference is to display and provide paid global opportunities to our students. The experience will enhance your application and make you stand out from other applicants. The types of experiences you can get involved with include multi sport coaching, fitness based internships, football coaching and activity instructors.

With offering these experiences to students we hope to inspire them, in terms of where they could work in the future as they could work in a different country if they want too. Even if they do not want this they will have great experience from the global placements and can push them up the career ladder further from the opportunity.

 At LLS we offer many different opportunities for our students while they are with us, these experiences can be local based opportunities for them to be involved in, however we also offer our students the opportunity to go and work abroad. These global opportunities can be based in Dubai, USA, Canada and the UK. Examples of companies you can go work for include Challenger Sports, PGL and KO8 Fitness as well as these companies there are others and each year new companies may get added alongside the employers we already work with to be able to provide these great opportunities to LLS students.

If you want to find out more about our global opportunities click here.


Work experience is important for university applications. It displays a candidate’s dedication, teamwork, and adaptability and other relevant skills. Sport sixth form students will need relevant attributes essential for success in both academia and athletics and display how they balance them both. Engaging in real-world sports settings fosters practical skills, cultivates leadership, and hones discipline. This experience not only demonstrates commitment to one’s athletic pursuits but also exhibits a holistic approach to education and your work aims in the future. Students can showcase a capacity to integrate passion, learning, and the tenacity required to excel in the dynamic domain of sports education. 

Students at LLS will have relevant opportunities to delve into work experience during their time at the sports sixth form. The students are expected to complete so many hours of work experience before they leave and move on to University or another opportunity. Wherever the students end up going, they will have experiences to discuss on University applications and skill sets they have gained which can be added to their CV.

Here at LLS we want to make sure all students make the most of their time here. We want to get them involved in as much as we can which will only benefit them and allow us to know we have done what we can in helping them pursue their ambitions beyond sixth form.