How A Shy 16-Year-Old Became A Global Coach

When she was 16 and collecting her GCSE results from Prestatyn High School in North Wales, Jade Moore never dreamed that 4-years later she would be a global coach in Sri Lanka.

We recently caught up with Jade on Instagram live over at @LLSonline and here’s what she had to say…

“From day one of the LLS course to 6 months in, I was a completely different person”.

Jade Moore

During her live Q&A, Jade gave praise to LLS’ nurtured enrolment process which she said really helped her to get to know her new classmates and teachers, prior to starting the LLS course. Once she’d started the Sports Industry Programme, it wasn’t long before a life-changing opportunity presented itself that would lead her to become a global coach.

South Africa

Easter half term 2016 would prove to be 10-days that would influence Jade’s outlook on life as she and classmate Mollie flew to South Africa to help teach some of the countries most impoverished children. Thanks to the power of sport, Jade and her fellow volunteers were able to deliver fun and inspiring activities to more than 5,000 children.

Realising that sport could be used as a tool to bring a positive impact to people living in the toughest of environments, Jade set to work a little closer to home. She started to gain further voluntary experience working with toddlers, helping people with disabilities and she even gained a life-guarding qualification which enabled her to start earning money to become a global coach.

global coach africa

Fast-forward to the end of her LLS course and despite having the qualifications to progress to University, Jade decided a paid job coaching ‘soccer’ in America would be the perfect next step for her. Spending a week in New York enjoying views from the top of the Empire State Building were amongst Jade’s USA highlights but it was her coaching performance on the pitch which landed her next dream role, all the way on the Island of Sri Lanka in South Asia.

Sri Lanka

The thought of moving to the other side of the world at the age of 18 is enough to make most people nervous but Jade confidently says:

“Once you get over the feeling of change you settle in and it becomes the new normal”.

Since landing on the island she now calls home, Jade’s career has gone from strength to strength and she now leads a small team of staff, including two former LLS graduates, Bradley from Belfast and Faye from Liverpool. She believes her success is largely linked to her willingness to say ‘yes’ to opportunities.

global coach sri lanka
Jade Sri Lanka

The Future

Now aged 20 and having experienced 4 countries through sport, if you include a tournament she attended in Abu Dhabi, Jade believes the time is right for her to return to the classroom.

In September 2020 Jade plans to start a Sports Management degree back in the UK and we at LLS cannot wait to see what Jade goes on to achieve in the future.

If you would like to learn more about where the LLS course can lead to, please visit the Destinations page of our website.

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