What Do Our Current Parents/Carers Think About Our Multisport Sixth form Course?

Are you the Parent/Carer of a student joining LLS in September? Here we have spoke to some of the existing parent/carers to see what they think. 

These relationships are extremely important to us as they are the main supporters of our students. After many conversations, LLS were described as professional and full of opportunity. The majority of parents and carers wouldn’t have had these exciting options when they were young which was shown to be a reason why they support LLS. 

Multisport Sixth form Course

What support do LLS provide to the students?

Pastoral support was the main answer to this as the mental wellbeing of our students is just as important to us as it is to their guardians. As a result of this we have an appointed wellbeing lead. Our tutors also play a large role in the pastoral support.

A handful of  parents/carers have said that they have seen a change in their teenagers as one parent stated “My son didn’t have the motivation to find a job but with LLS he gathered over 900 hours of work experience when he graduated the course” as well as “Before LLS, my child would just sit in bed doing nothing and now they are training to become a P.E Teacher!” This is also evidence of how hard our tutors work with our students to guide them to be their best self. 

Finance shouldn’t be a factor that threatens our students’ potential and enjoyment. Parents and carers have taken advantage of the use of our financial support and have credited us for help with kit and trip payment plans. On top of this, students and tutors can also participate in fundraisers using ‘GoFundMe‘ to pay for international adventures in which many parent/carers have been proud of as their teenager can raise their own finance. Some of our partnering Sixth Forms also offer bursaries to students in families with a low income to ensure each student can receive the same opportunities as the other. 

How would you describe our tutors?

After speaking with parents and carers, a large amount of praise was directed to our tutors that see our students everyday they study. Overall it was stated that our tutors are seen as friendly and intelligent. In addition to this, the tutors were implied to be treating their students like adults and giving them vital responsibilities that encourages personal growth. LLS tutors have great relationships with their students’ parents/carers as they are entirely non-judgemental and both have the students best interest at heart.

Multisport Sixth form Course
How does LLS communicate with Parents and Carers?

We have seen that our parents evenings and progress reports are a factor that parents and carers enjoy. A parent we interviewed gave a perfect answer as to why we have regular communication with them. ” My other daughter goes to a local college and we hear nothing about what she does but with my daughter that does LLS, we are always hearing how she is getting on and if she falls behind, we know how to support her”. We value the privacy of our students as they grow to be young adults, however checking in with parents/carers every term can encourage us to create long term goals suited to each student

What would you tell Parents/Carers that has their child starting in September?

One parent wrote “Your child is well looked after and will do things you both never thought of!” whilst another wrote that “Just go for it! they always prioritise your kid and there is so many amazing opportunities for them, its endless!”

This implies the support we receive from our parents and carers that we are always grateful for.