Why mental health in sport is important for students studying sport based subjects?

mental health in sports

In this blog, we will explore the aspects of mental health in sports. We will explore how it may impact sixth-form students. Delve into challenges they encounter while striving to excel in both sport and sixth form and discuss strategies that can help students out.

By shedding light on this important topic, we aim to promote awareness, provide support, and empower sixth-form athletes to prioritise their mental well-being alongside their pursuits in academics and sports. 

Sixth form is a transformative time for students, balancing academics and personal growth. Sports participation during this period provides physical fitness, teamwork, and personal development opportunities. However, the pressure of academic and athletic balance highlights the need to prioritize mental health in sport. The demands of balancing academics and athletics can often place pressure on sixth form athletes, making it key to prioritise their mental health in sport.

The transition to sixth form/college brings higher academic expectations, creating a stressful environment with deadlines and exam preparation. Adding to the pressure, students must balance competitive sports, requiring dedication and time commitment. This leaves little time for relaxation and can impact the mental well-being of sixth form students.

Mental health in sport – How to Cope with any pressure 

During your time at LLS, you’ll have an exhilarating and rewarding experience, but also face academic stress. Balancing academics and excelling in sports can create a high-pressure environment. Developing effective coping strategies is crucial for maintaining mental well-being in sports. LLS staff prioritize mental health in sports, providing support and ensuring students feel cared for. Student well-being is our priority here at LLS and is taken very serious.

wellbeing sports

When dealing with pressure as a professional athlete or student it will be key to have strategies in place to resolve any issues athletes have with their mental health in sport. An example of a way to deal with stress is having a well-structured routine that enables you to balance both sport commitments and any study you have each week. This includes having time set aside for your studies, revision or assignments. Then, you are able to try and balance any training you have, competitions, and resting after these sessions. Another example you can try that can help reduce stress levels is by doing meditation, deep breath exercises, and even mindfulness practice.

Effective coping mechanisms help students manage high-pressure situations. Activities like yoga, jogging, or outdoor walks reduce stress. Implementing such strategies enables sixth-form students to excel academically and athletically while prioritizing mental well-being. Remember, managing stress leads to improved performance, well-being, and student mental health in sport.

As part of the LLS Programme, we work closely with Hannah from Rooted Rebel Yoga to provide yoga sessions for our students on residentials trips that occur throughout the year. These sessions will benefit the mental health of sport students.
We have a quote from Hannah regarding stress management where she states:
“Yoga is a great stress management, which I think is important at any age. Learning how to regulate how you think and feel will play out in both your sport and everyday life. Learning how to do that from a young age is very invaluable!”
Check out her Instagram to see her upcoming sessions – https://www.instagram.com/rootedrebelyoga/

 Self-care in the world of sport and sixth form

Within the world of sports, it is key to look out for yourself. This is known as self-care which is a fundamental aspect when maintaining optimal performance and overall well-being for any sport, particularly sixth-form sports students.   As a professional sports athlete/ student at a sports Sixth Form, you will be put through tough training sessions and then need to perform to a set standard when you are involved in a match or competition that you are participating in. Then when we look at Sixth Form students, they will have to balance these sessions with academic work as they are studying a level 3 BTEC.

mental health in sports

All of these things mentioned will take a toll on your body and mind, if you neglect overall self-care on your body this can lead to physical burnout and won’t be best for your overall mental health meaning you may not perform to set standards.

Prioritizing self-care enhances athletic abilities and prevents overtraining and injuries. Rest, recovery, sleep, nutrition, and exercise outside of training sessions are vital for physical well-being. Similarly, self-care improves academic performance for students. Remember, mentors and coaches are there to support and guide you when needed. Stay motivated and take care of yourself.

Implementing these strategies enhances resilience and enables professional athletes to bounce back to their standard. Proper self-care, including adequate rest and recovery, promotes faster body repair and regeneration. Additionally, self-care contributes to longevity, allowing athletes to maintain physical and mental health and prolong their careers.


To conclude, mental health is a very important factor for anybody who has a career in sports or even potential athletes coming from a sports sixth form college. Mental health can impact an athlete’s performance on the pitch and even off when they are training. Overall well being can be impacted and even your overall career success. 

At LLS, we take this subject very seriously and we understand that it is key for our students to have an open and supportive environment they can come to each day. We know that taking care of our students’ mental health can contribute to a thriving work environment for them.

It is important to Remember, your mental health matters, and finding balance is key to thriving both in the classroom and on the field. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how committed LLS is to mental health within the sports industry then get in touch with our team who will be happy to discuss this further.